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Bejeweled Blitz Tips WorldWinner

WorldWinner (GSN) now has Bejeweled Blitz as a competition game. It’s very similar to Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. The difference is that there are no power-ups to buy or earn. It’s the straight game and you typically play it for cash prizes unless you’re doing a warm up game. Basically, it’s like online gambling but with games. If you happen to be good at Bejeweled Blitz, then you have a good chance of winning games and earning cash prizes and this article will give you tips to help do that.

Bejeweled Blitz: Rubies and Riches

1. Choose Your Game

I always do some warm up games… always. You have to get your brain warmed up. Play at least 5 of them. They’re free and only take a minute or so each.

From there, it’s up to you which game you want to choose. They have 2 player, 5 player and up to 18 or more players. There are even some all day progressive play games. I have the best luck on the 5 player games. The 2 player game payout just isn’t that good – it’s $0.88 to enter and you only win $1.30. That’s only $0.42 that you’d win. If you win 2 and lose 1, then you’re even. I don’t know… I just don’t like that payout structure. I go for higher prizes and that’s why I warm up.

Also, get comfortable where you’re sitting. Take a deep breath and play calmly, not tensed up. Try to have fun even!

2. Get Multipliers

Just like with the normal Bejeweled Blitz game, your first goal is to get the multipliers. To get one to appear on the board, you have to make some good moves. Just matching 3 gems a bunch of times won’t get the multiplier to appear quickly. Create gem matches of 4 or more gems at once and that’ll cause the multiplier to appear more quickly. Keep trying to get multipliers – that is your main goal if you want a high score.

3. Work Quickly

You always need to work quickly. This way, you get the “Blazing Speed” powerup where each gem match has an explosion. Your points really go up when this happens. Here’s how to do it:

– Try to work at the bottom of the screen if you can. You have the best chance of a cascading effect happening where you get more gems matching higher up on the board when you work at the bottom. This gets you the chance to earn more multipliers and more points.

– Move from match to match. Make a match and immediately look for the next one in an area of the board that is not going to be affected by the match you just made. This is an important tip. Don’t wait to see what happened with the match you made – you’ll be back there soon enough. Go and look for the next one. Try to work it so that you have 2-3 ready in your head.

– When you get Blazing Speed, use it to blow up multiplier gems if you can.

– Also try to get flame gems. My favorite match is the crossed shaped one (see below) where you move one gem into place and match 3 gems vertically and horizontally. Looks for these – you’ll move the gem that’s farthest on the left into the center with this example:

4. Hypercubes and Multipliers

If you get a hypercube and you have a multiplier on the board, it’s sometimes best to first use the multiplier and then use the hypercube. You’ll get more points. Watch the time though – you don’t want to leave an unused hypercube on the board – yes, it does get detonated at the end but you get more value from it when it’s used during the game.

Also, use hypercubes with gem colors that coincide with any multipliers that are on the board. Again, your main goal is to match multiplier gems and hypercubes are a great way to do that and increase your score.

5. What if You Get Stuck

You’re going to have games where much just isn’t happening. Don’t worry. The game will always give you something to match and since new gems are appearing at the top of the screen, go there. The way out of this is to work quickly and get Blazing Speed to activate.

Also, click the Hint button or wait for a hint to appear on the board. There doesn’t seem to be a points penalty for clicking Hint since you’re losing precious time anyway.

If you get stuck at the top, then try to make gem matches that are vertical instead of horizontal – meaning, if you have a choice, make vertical matches. This will give you access to gems lower on the board and then you have a better chance of cascades happening and you’ll get out of being stuck sooner.

If you happen to make a bad move, then don’t worry about it and move on. It’ll happen. This game moves quickly. If you have a bad game, put it behind you and move on. You’ll have another good game soon.

6. What’s a Good Score?

A score of 200,000 or more is ok for a 2-player game. A score of 300,000 or more is good on a 5-player game. Set those as minimum goal. If you’re like me, you don’t even look at the score until the end because you so busy working on the game.

7. Getting the Most Value

WorldWinner gives you bonuses for more games you play – much like a rewards program at a casino. Even if you’re keeping your account’s cash about even, you’re still earning rewards, which is cash. Watch for promotions where you get more reward coins per game. These happen from time to time.

They also have a free game every day. Play those games each day and you’ll earn rewards, too. You also get to try new games, which is fun.

8. More Tips

Here are a few more tips for Bejeweled Blitz (either on WorldWinner or Facebook) to help you get a high score:

  • Play with the sound up. You’ll hear when you get hypercubes and you’ll know when the game is about to end. That’s helpful.
  • Read my other tips:
  • Scan the entire board once in a while for big matches. Sometimes hypercube matches can easily come and go since they can take up a lot of real estate on the board if they’re horizontal.
  • Again, try to play at the bottom of the board – you won’t believe how high a score you can get this way.
  • Use a powerful enough computer to play.
  • I find that using a mouse is better than a laptop touchpad – MUCH better.
  • Have fun!

Mistakes I Tend to Make

  • I’ll sometimes play too high on the board / not play at the bottom. I miss out on some great cascade opportunities.
  • I’ll not look at areas where there are flame gems and go to other areas first. I miss out on blowing up a lot of gems that way.
  • Once in a while, I focus on one area of the board too much.
  • Sometime I go too quickly and miss out on some awesome matches but I know that’s going to happen and it’s better to keep the speed up anyway.

Last Tip

If your hand starts to cramp or you start seeing gems on the wall when you look at a wall – then stop playing! Take a break!

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