[No Cheat!] 寶石方塊 Bejeweled Blitz Elite Technique Tutorial-Basic 滯空法教學 基礎篇

For the guys who want to start learning ET, you can score like this! 1.44M LIVE BO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO0nJsGfgtk The advanced part: http://www.y…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Montage Final, thanks for watching 🙂 If you doubt whether it’s cheating, watch this Live video in my channel and you will know everything. http://www.youtub…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. mike hanks says:

    arggg i can juggle them 1 out 1 in with some luck for the kubes but the move 1 out and 2 in is really hard, pure luck for that…

  2. Sandrider737 says:

    Great technique! Can anyone tell me who sings the 2 songs on this video clip?

  3. BuzzaB77 says:

    Can Confirm Today it IS possible in Android. Certainly not easy for beginners. As far as I can gather the screen will not register more than a couple of fast consecutive taps, so ET via speed is not possible, but you can use the dancing method (at the end of this vid, and in the advanced) if your creative! only managed a few flame gems today but at least is proves it works

  4. BuzzaB77 says:

    Update; today managed my first 6way hypercube, and a few stars! practice does make perfect!

  5. BuzzaB77 says:

    wooo just did my first et hypercube, took me about 30mins practice! The first bit in the vid is very important, but what’s not explained is that to pull it off you have to essentially trick one pair into ‘swapping places’ by luring it into a match, but then you get others in by pulling one out before it actually matches, that makes the first swap places then if your quick you can pull the 4th and eventually 5th in. most important is to move one out before pulling in the first potential match

  6. Ngo Thanh Dai Viet says:

    not available >”< .

  7. Viet Duc Pham says:

    is this still available today ?

  8. darkangelcloud7 says:

    is there such thing as too fast?

  9. Daniel Wang says:

    Ugh this is really hard, but everytime you pull one off, it gives you a satisfying feeling

  10. MrRecklessCJ says:

    OMG, I cant do it fast enough

  11. asdfghjklsupreme says:

    Don’t give up, now there are a lot of people doing ET in BB~
    You’ll master it like them too!

    • Sandrider says:

      Thanks for the technique….I am still trying to master it. Very hard to attempt on iPad and Tab….

      Can you tell me who sings the two songs on your video on YouTube? Great songs and a great technique!!



  12. asdfghjklsupreme says:

    You don’t have to do it with lightening speed!
    The tempo is very important too!

  13. wig1123 says:

    This is so great but, its really hard am i not doing it fast enough?

  14. BonnieBloo says:

    Augh! This is so hard. Thanks for the video, man but I just ain’t gettin’ it. I guess just some people got it….

  15. huckelikuck says:

    you rock. awesome way to highlight and show this to beginners like me. i watched 10 vids before i found yours, best one so far!

  16. PPWilliams1 says:

    Apparently it’s not considered cheating, even by PopCap.

  17. AsWaM007 says:

    Nice vid thank you

  18. elevatorgrl says:

    When I watch the slowed-down parts of this video, I notice that when you move 1 out, the gem goes out then back immediately. However, when you move the second gem in, the gem stays put – so 1 out (goes back in), 2nd in (stays put), 3rd in (boom – special gem). How does that work? Just look at the red gem example – you moved the middle gem out, the top gem in – the top gem stayed put! – and then the bottom one out. Why does one gem go out then in, whereas the other one stays put when it’s moved?

  19. Alonzo Branson says:

    So…where does one get such a browser hack?

  20. Emma Isabella says:

    ♖ ☡♖ ☡♖ ☡ ===>>www.hackFBfree.com <<=== ♖ ☡♖ ☡♖ ☡ BUMP UP? IF STILL WORKING

  21. Matthew Goodman says:

    Thank you. Them saying that you are cheating is like saying a bigger weightlifter is unfair because the smaller guy can’t lift as much. Or if you know call of duty games, a lot of people get mad when you use skill to kill them. They even tell you to go down to their level but I don’t know if that is how it works. Sorry I can’t think of any more analogies. People that say “glitcher” and “cheater” are those type of people that can’t do it so they don’t like it. I could quote but out of characters.

  22. asdfghjklsupreme says:

    You are really a reasonable and smart person, thanks for that!
    But no matter how much times we’ve explained to those accusers, they just couldn’t accept it lol

  23. Matthew Goodman says:

    Actually it is not cheating or glitching. If the Bejeweled Blitz team didn’t want it in their game, they would have taken it out.They left it in because it is actually a strategy that everyone can do if they take the time to learn how to do it.

  24. Inceneratpr says:

    Lol… You say no cheats, but you obviously use the elite method….

  25. WorksopGimp says:


  26. Frfgaming says:


  27. Mara Váczi says:


  28. SuperBoyJS says:

    Hey type in superboyjs for a better tutorial. And if you like the video i’ll make a cookie:D

  29. littlemonkey321 says:

    and after watching this i dont want to play anymore 😀

  30. littlemonkey321 says:

    i would call this level asian

  31. how the fuck do u even learn to do this

  32. R0MIAN0 says:

    Sick motherfucker!

  33. luigigunman456 says:


  34. Brock Martin says:

    2 words: NO LIFE

  35. SoulxLucifer says:

    It’s not a hack… I can do it too. but it requires great skills… I can do it on computer bejeweled blitz too. But not to this extend >< And @asdfghjklsupreme I wouldn't make the hypercubes using so many gems cos it'll waste my other chances of making another hypercube XD great skills btw 🙂

  36. N64ROCKS says:

    3:06 rape

  37. rayne blood says:

    how the hell r u moveing them so fast like that i tried that in the FB bejewled but it doesnt do that

  38. FerSave1 says:

    WHAT THE FUCK!¿? O.o

  39. DJSaniboy2012 says:

    Nice Bot :I

  40. gamermaniac55 says:

    Theast three kinda scared me!!!!

  41. JUVENTUS1111100 says:


  42. VectorSapphire says:

    so the ruby gempile was really spectacular!

  43. Antony Thurman says:

    love the soundtrack rock on

  44. asdfghjklsupreme says:


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