How to Earn Multipliers in Bejeweled Blitz

In Bejeweled Blitz, How do You Get Multipliers?

bb-multiplierAh yes, the multipliers! They are definitely the key to winning and getting a high score. That’s the top thing you should be focusing on. I get a lot of questions about how to get them. Here are some ways.

First, know that whenever you destroy 12 gems with one gem match, you get a multiplier gem. You then need to do a gem match with that multiplier in the match in order to claim it. So that’s how they work.

You then just need to find ways to destroy 12 gems with one gem match – here are some ideas:

  1. Cascades – When you do a match which causes another match, which causes another one (and so on), that’s a cascade. These often happen more with luck than careful planning but you can plan two of them if you practice. Doing two could lead to more, so this is one good way.
  2. Star Gems – These are the gems, that when destroyed, blast all gems in the horizontal row and vertical column going out from that gem. There are 8 gems in a line, so that’s 15 gems, which is enough to get you a multiplier gem on the board. You create a Star Gem when making a T- or L-shaped match.
  3. Hypercubes – If you use a Hypercube and choose a color where you’ll destroy more than 12, then you’ll get a new multiplier on the game board.
  4. Buy Them – There’s a Boost where you can buy a 2x multiplier and it appears on the board when the game starts.

There are 4 quick ways to get multipliers with Bejeweled Blitz. Now go play and have some fun with them!

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Multipliers and Cheats for Bejeweled Blitz

When I was playing with cheats, I noticed something. I had the cheat level set so high that it was the game running itself basically. It was hard to get a multiplier of 3, actually. With every match I made, I was probably destroying hundreds of gems but the multiplier gems would not appear. This tells me that even in cheat mode, you have to work to get multipliers – meaning, you have to actively make matches.

I just thought that was interesting.


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