How to Get a High Score on Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

I’ve written a few articles on how to get a high score on Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook before. Here they are along with a few highlights – be sure to read them all and study these tips:

Best Bejeweled Blitz Tips for a High Score


  • Your first goal is to get the multipliers. It only makes sense… why not get 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x more for each move you make? Keep focused on getting multipliers. Watch those gems when they appear and match them up.
  • The way to get more multipliers to appear on the board is to make great moves. Great moves are gem matches where you match lots of gems at once or cause a cascade where you get a lot of gem matches from just one move. That’s what you’re looking for, all the time.
  • If you choose power ups, definitely choose the one that puts the 2x multiplier on the board at the start. Another good one is getting 5 extra seconds of playing time because it’s at the end of the game (of course) when you have a higher multiplier. You exponentially grow your score with that extra time most of the time. I also like the scrambler because it can get you out of jams and it usually gives you some nice potential match ups.
  • Try to work at the bottom of the board. There’s a greater chance of there being a match made with the more gems in that line.
  • Vertical matches are better than horizontal matches. You have a greater chance of getting yourself out of jam with vertical matches.
  • Move from one section of the board to the next. Move quickly. Don’t wait to see what happens. Keep moving, you’ll be back to that part of the board soon. When you make one move, you’re already finding the next one. Find one in a part of the board that’s not going to be affected by the move you just made. One way to do this is to try to stay out of the center (unless there’s a great move there, of course).
  • The faster you can work, the better chance you have of getting “Blazing Steed,” which is when you can really blow up a lot of gems and get your score running high. Again, work fast. Keep moving.
  • One way to make sure you have another move or two lined up is to work your matches in such a way where you see a few moves ahead – like someone playing pool. Plan out scenarios in your head and visualize where gems will be if you do one move versus another one. This takes practice but it’s fun practice!
  • And then make sure you’re sitting comfortably (not leaning forward, in a stressed out position) and take breaks – don’t stare at your computer screen too much or your eyes will get tired out. Drink water and don’t play when you’re too tired.

More Resources

Here are some more good websites I’ve found that give good tips on how to get a high score:


If you have any good questions or tips, please post them in the comments. I’ll respond to questions that you have.

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