Candy Crush Saga Tips and Strategies

candy-crush-sagaWell, I finally started playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. I’m probably the last person on Earth to start playing it, I’ve realized. 🙂

It’s fun. It’s a lot like Bejeweled Blitz except that it’s much slower (and nicer) and instead of time, you get a certain amount of moves. The strategy for Candy Crush Saga is very similar to Bejeweled Blitz. I think my Bejeweled Blitz book would help anyone who is trying to get a high score with Candy Crush Saga… definitely.

How to Get Better

One thing I like is that there are different levels. On each level, you’re able to compete with your friends. You can stay at each level until you beat your friends and get to the top of the scoreboard. I think doing this will make you a better player going forward.

It’s also good to score 3 stars on each level. In this regard, the game kind of reminds me of Angry Birds a little.

Your score is going to depend on a few things – well, two main things. First, it’s going to depend on what kind of game board you get when the game starts. That’s just random and some boards are going to be better than others. Second, once you get a good board, you’re going to need to make the best possible moves in order to score high.

To score high, you’re going to depend on power ups and cascades. With cascades, you do one match which causes other matches to happen. The taller the board and the lower you make matches, the better.

Sugar Crush… Divine!

This feature seems to happen when you leave some special candies on the board after completing your goal. They explode and wipe out more candy and more candy comes down onto the game board. It’s kind of good to leave this on the board instead of using them during the game because it’s extra moves you get at the end of the game. This seems to be how some of your friends are getting some high scores.

This makes sense because this game is all about moves. You only get a certain amount of moves (as compared to Bejeweled Blitz, where you get time), so how you use those moves is important as well as any way that you can get some extra moves… extra moves will drive your score up.

You’re going to get to use any special candy that you create when the Sugar Crush happens, so I think the best strategy here is to save them. Use some during the game if you want as that will create cascades, too.

Play at the Bottom of the Board

As with Bejeweled, with Candy Crush Saga you want to play near the bottom of the board. You just have a better chance of things happening automatically if you do. This is especially true with game boards that have a lot of row (taller columns) versus with boards that are more horizontal but even with those types of boards (levels), playing near the bottom is going to help you get a high score.

The “V” Pattern


This is what I call the “V” pattern… it’s when making one match matches 5 candies but on a right angle instead of in a row.

The Cross Pattern


I also like to watch for this cross pattern to appear. Move the candy that’s kind of by itself (at the top of the cross) into the middle and you match 5 candies here, too.

Candy Crush FAQ

This is from the King FAQ Page:

  • Matching four candies in a row or column creates a Striped Candy. Matching Striped Candy clears the entire row or column
  • Matching five candies in the shape of a T or an L creates a Wrapped Candy. Matching a Wrapped Candy clears a 3 by 3 box of candies
  • Matching five candies in a row creates a Color Bomb. Combining a Color Bomb with any candy of any color will clear all the candies of that color
  • Matching a wrapped candy with a striped candy will create a giant super candy which clears multiple rows both up and across the board


More Tips

Here are some general tips that will help you:

  • Always try to make matches of 4 or more pieces of candy – either 4 in a row or make 2 matches of 3, and so on.
  • Play near the bottom of the board.
  • It’s good to save some special candies until the end of the game (Candy Crush)
  • At the beginning of the game, work from the top of the board down so that moves you make at the top don’t affect what they already gave you at the start of the game (free matches that are set up for you).
  • Use the candy you get when you match 5 in a row (Color Bomb) as early as possible. This clears all the candy of that color from the game board and that increases the chance of you making more good matches since there’s one less color on the board.

With any puzzle / strategy game, the more you play, the better you’ll get at it. You do have time, so don’t rush and make the best moves (and enjoy the music, too).

More Resources:

Update – July 2013

Ok, I’ve been playing this game a while now and have some more advice and strategy for you. I’m up at level 80 now and the game has some pretty challenging levels.

  • What took me probably way too long to figure out was that to make striped candy (matching 4 of them) going horizontally or vertically depends on how you make it. If you do a vertical move to match candy, then you get a vertical striped candy – or making a horizontal move to make the match of 4 gets you a horizontally striped candy.
  • When you’re life is full (5 lives), don’t check your mail where your friends give you lives. Wait until your out. You can’t have more than 5, so don’t try to fill up your lives when it’s already full.
  • Again, playing at the bottom of the board is the best thing to do if you’re stuck.
  • If you have those chocolate candies invading, it seems that they take away your striped and special candy that you’ve made last. It’ll still cover them up but they will be done last. You can maybe use this to your advantage to block an area for them not to invade.


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Related Search Terms:
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