Bejeweled Blitz Tips and Hints

How to Get Better at Bejeweled Blitz / Bejeweled Blitz Tips

Bejeweled Blitz is a fun game. Here’s what I’ve learned and how to get better at it. I include some tips and hints that will help you get better at playing it and get higher scores so that you can beat your friends.

Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

I just found yesterday that Facebook and PopCap Games have their own version of Bejeweled out called Bejeweled Blitz. I’ve been playing Bejeweled for maybe 4 years now. I was pretty addicted at one point and now play it once in a while on WorldWinner. I guess I’m alright at it but there are some people who just are awesome at it but maybe they have no lives. 🙂

Bejeweled Blitz

So my high score on Bejeweled Blitz right now is 125,500. I played it maybe 35 times yesterday and then another 15 or so this morning. With the short play of just 1 minute, it’s easy to crank through games. I like the game. It’s a nice variation. The multipliers are cool. So far, I haven’t come across a situation where there are no moves, so they must have it programmed so that doesn’t happen, which can really work to your advantage – I’ll explain.

Here are some Bejeweled Blitz tips and hints for you:

  1. Multiplier – The multiplier is key in Bejeweled Blitz. Multipliers are made when you get rid of 12 or more gems with 1 gem swap. You’ll want to explode a power gem with another near by power gem or make sure that a cascade happens at the same time.
  2. Multiplier – When you get a multiplier on the screen (first make as many as you can), your next goal is to get it to explode. You don’t necessarily need to get that multiplier’s color combination to do this. If you have a power gem next to it, then get that power gem to explode and you still get the multiplier because the near by explosion caused it also to explode.
  3. Strategy – Your first move of the game should be to look to make a power gem. Take a second and look for one. Many times, the game starts you off where you can easily make one. Get the 2x multiplier within the first 5-10 seconds of the game to score high.
  4. Strategy – One of the best ways to get cascades to happen is play at the bottom of the screen. When you do that, you’re a lot more likely to get things above to just sort of randomly happen.
  5. Strategy – Always be looking to create power gems. Always. That’s basically your goal. The more you have on the screen, the more likely you are to find combinations that will make them explode. Avoid having them blow up on the side of the screen since the blast radius will be less in that case. Move it in if you have that option so that you explode more gems.
  6. Strategy – Once you make a combination on one side of the screen, immediately look to the other side of the screen where blocks being removed won’t affect anything and set up your next move there instead of waiting to see what happens where you just made your move. This saves a ton of time and you don’t get “lost” when things didn’t work out like you wanted. This is an important Bejeweled Blitz tip for sure.
  7. Strategy – Once nice thing about this version (Bejeweled Blitz) is that you can move gems before the game lets you. Once the game is ready, it performs that move. If things are happening, you can go to another sector of the board that isn’t going to be affected by what’s going on and make a move in advance and sort of get ahead of the game. Not all versions of Bejeweled let you do this, so take advantage. You can also get in an extra move at the end of the game even when time has run out if you’ve done moves in advance while time was still on the clock – usually just one move though.
  8. Strategy – One strategy I use on the longer game is to look for combinations based on color/gem. Like like over the whole board and do all the blue ones, then maybe the red ones, etc. If you deplete a certain color, then the game is usually more likely to give you more of that color when it gives you more gems, thus putting those gems near each other. It sort of creates nice groups for you. This might not be the best strategy for such a short game, but try it if you want.
  9. Tip – If you can be patient and try to group like colors/gem together instead of just making single, 3-gem combinations then you’re more likely to be able to create a power gem. There isn’t much time though, so don’t waste it.
  10. Tip – You can get down to the point where there are not a lot of combinations. When that happens, look at the top of the screen where new gems have come in. You’re more likely to find a combination there since the game seems to be set up with its own rule so that you never get stuck. This can actually play to your advantage since it’ll keep having to make combinations to obey its rule and you can all of sudden get multiple cascading combinations going almost automatically.
  11. Tip – Play quickly. There are bonus points for playing fast. When you make a connection and you hear the higher pitched noise, that means you’re making those bonus points.
  12. Tip – And don’t look at your score until the end of the game. You might lose focus if you do. You should look at what level your multiplier is though.
  13. Tip – You can start moving your gems before you’re told to “Go” but there are some words in the middle of the screen, blocking your view of some gems, so it’s best to just move something at the top of the screen that won’t affect other good, potential moves below.
  14. Tip – Some people do better with the sound off. I actually like to hear when the game is ending and when multipliers become available. Try it both ways and see which works better for you.
  15. Tip – Don’t over think every move. Just keep playing. One caution about this… I’ve tried playing the game really fast and my scores drop when I do that. I miss great moves. So don’t go too fast. Keep it moving and watch the whole board for what’s happening.
  16. Tip – Whenever you get a power gem, blow it up. Don’t save it unless you know you can use it really soon – meaning have it blow up in a cascade (which is how you get the multipliers). There’s not enough time in this gave to save them up. Often when you blow them up, you get some better gems generated.
  17. Hypercubes – Hypercubes (zaps all of the color you choose). They’re great to get. What really matters in Bejeweled Blitz is if you use the hypercubes when your multiplier is high. So you can save it if you want. Just don’t explode it or you lose it.
  18. Hypercubes – Should you save a set up gems where you’re waiting for the middle one to fall into place and create a hypercube? If it’s not in the way, then try it if you want. You might just be best off creating a series of 4 gems for a power gem instead. You don’t have much time in this game.
  19. Too Slow? – Play on a computer that’s fast enough, has enough memory and a good Internet connection. Close down other programs if you have to.
  20. Too Slow? – Right click on the play area and change your Flash quality to low.
  21. Bad Game? – If you have a bad game, don’t get down. Just play another one. Since the background color of the game seems to change, sometimes it’s harder to see gem combinations with certain background colors – so it’s not you!
  22. Bad Game? – If you have a bad game going, keep playing. You’ll get practice and you never know what might happen at the end of the game. The next game is less than a minute away and you can try again.
  23. Bad Game? – If you’re stuck, use the Hint button. It’s better to take a small hit on points than waste time.The game usually gives you excellent hints.

I think the best Bejeweled Blitz tips are to work the multipliers and look to another part of the screen immediately after swapping gems to find your next move. Look to an area that won’t be affected by your last swap.

Have fun. It’s a fun game. I hope these Bejeweled Blitz tips and hints helped. If you’re having trouble finding it, here’s a link (which will work if you have a Facebook account): Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

What are some other high scores people are getting? Post them in the comments.

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I’m glad these Bejeweled tips help.

If you are looking for more gaming ideas, check out online strategy and casino games.


Here are some more Bejeweled Blitz tips from PopCap Games (on Facebook). Some I’ve rewritten and summarized:

  • Concentrate on your speed bonus. When that’s at the maximum, each move is worth 1200 points.
  • The multiplier also helps with your speed bonus. So when the multiplier is at 2x, each move is worth 2400 points – and so on.
  • Keep an eye out for bigger matches. Look for the opportunity to match 4 or 5 gems. This will create Power Gems and Hypercubes. These special pieces are instrumental in creating large explosions, which will earn you lots of points and will help mix up the board, potentially making it easier to find new matches. Lost opportunities mean lost points.
  • You can only earn a multiplier gem every 10 seconds, so don’t get too eager.
  • Making matches on the lower part of the board makes it more likely to generate cascades.
  • Use a hypercube on the color that has the most gems on the board.
  • Power Gem – Match 4 gems to create a Power Gem. Match that Power Gem for an explosive surprise that will take out all neighboring gems and ignite other Power Gems within its radius.
  • Hypercube – Match 5 gems to create a Hypercube. Use the Hypercube by swapping it with an adjacent gem to turn all gems of that color on the board into a shower of points.
  • Multiplier Gem – These gems are created when one swap results in 12 or more gems disappearing from the board. This can occur in a cascade or by using a Power Gem to detonate a neighboring Power Gem. A Multiplier Gem can only be created about every 10 seconds. Matching the Multiplier Gem will multiply the points you get from then until the end of the game.
  • Speed Bonus – Build up a speed bonus by continually making matches. You need to make 3 matches in about 2 seconds to start your speed bonus. The higher your Speed Bonus, the more time you have in between matches before it goes away. The Speed Bonus starts at +200 and caps out at +1000. This amount is added to every match you make.


I like the new stats that are on Bejeweled Blitz now. They keep track of your previous games and how many points awards you’ve received. They’ve got my stats from the last 5 weeks, so they’ve apparently been keeping these stats a little while. Kinda cool. Your friends can now see how much time you waste playing these 1 minute games! 🙂

The game is also faster. It sounded like they had to beef up their servers because the game is so popular. Good job, PopCap!

I wonder if they’re going to come up with higher point levels in their drawings. The first 2 weeks I played, I don’t think my group hit 1 million points but now we top that in just a day or two. I’ve got 24 friends playing it on Facebook now.



Bejeweled Blitz Stats, Gold LevelI’ve past level 5 for 25k games on the Bejeweled Blitz stats and it turned to “Gold” now instead of going to level 6. That’s kind of interesting. I wonder if they just wanted to cap off the stats or if there’s something else you can unlock when you get all your point levels to gold. Doing that would take quite a while. There’s no bronze or silver either, it went from level 5 straight to gold.

I couldn’t find any info on this in the Tips and Tricks section that PopCap has on Facebook (it looks like it needs to be updated, actually). We’ll see what happens. Maybe this is some sort of feature they’re rolling out in the future. If anybody knows anything, let us know.


Tonight (07-14-2009) I was playing and just doing terrible. I mean, I was getting scores like 11,000 and 9,000. I almost gave up but I don’t like to end on a bad note, so I played a bit more. I think it was about 2 games after my low, low score of 9,100 I started another game and broke my high score by getting 201,200! It was just like any normal game. It started out good but then with about 10 seconds left, wow did the points pile on. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a new metal show up and then the game ended. I looked at the score and wow – almost fell over!

So don’t give up. It’s sometimes pretty random how you get the best jewels at the right time in some games and when that happens, you want to be ready. It might just turn into your best game. And remember, don’t look at the score until the end!

Here’s a screen shot of that 201,200 game of Bejeweled of mine. I know others are better but I’m digging it.


And here’s how my 225,300 game of Bejeweled Blitz looks like. That was a fun game (08/26/2009).

I have a new page about what I’m calling the New Bejeweled Blitz because PopCap really changed the game a lot. The strategies here still apply but the new version of the game has a lot of changes – and it a lot more fun!

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  1. Thanks for tips, i got hook up with BB in Facebook & my games alliance starts to challenge each other in BB. I’m still in 42K range & very frustated as more members bet my score everyday & so I search for any tips here & found u instead! 😀 Guess there’s no cheat code or anything in BB huh? just asking… 🙂

  2. I read your hints and right away set a new high score for myself.. thanks

  3. Claudia Washington High Score 121,000 April 26 2009

  4. I love bejeweled blitz and play every day. i have a friend that has her high score right now.. 225,000. i tried to get into bb to get the exact figure, but it said it was down so they could make it better!! can’t wait.. i have a love/hate relationship with the minute game, but it’s so addicting!!! love it… thank you for your tips!

  5. What do you combine a hypercube with to use it?

  6. @Kate: To create a hypercube, you need to combine 5 like gems. To use it, just swap it with whatever color you want to “shock” off the screen. So if you moved it to a red gem, all the red gems would be gone. The best strategy here is to combine the hypercube with whatever color you have the most of or else the color a power gem is or whatever color a multiplier is… I’d do the multiplier color.

  7. After I’ve played on Facebook for a little while, the game starts to slow down. I clear my cache often. I don’t know what is causing this. Any ideas? Do others experience the same thing? Thanks.>:(

  8. If you’re playing on a small screen, it also helps to decrease the screen res as this makes it easier to detect patterns in colors. If you reduce it too far you’ll start needing to move the mouse too far, so balance the two.

  9. 235,100….great tips…all true. Keep in mind, a lot has to do with luck. You only have a minute…so skill isn’t the point…the above tips are. I score in the 20s to 40s a lot, but I do get lucky and break the 100 level.

  10. Great tips…my high is 235,100…with only 1 minute, its not about skill. A lot has to do with luck. Read the above tips and keep practicing.

  11. The multipliers are given when a certain number of gems are destroyed in one combo. Obviously, blowing up a power gems increases your chances of getting a multiplier. However, you can’t get another multiplier to appear if one has recently appeared (within 5 seconds?). So if you get a multiplier gem, be sure to wait a bit before destroying any of your power gems or you will waste them.

  12. I’m not really a good player but after playing a while I got a score of 136,200 but then the game didn’t register! I was annoyed with that fluke of the game and emailed them. Yesterday I did get 179,600 without any hypercubes but I had 11 power gems. I like the new graph they have at the end.

  13. Multipliers are the greatest source of points. About a month ago, I was lucky if I got 25,000. The other day I got a score of 136,200 but then the game didn’t register it…it froze up. I was annoyed and emailed them just to get a computer generated email back. Yesterday I got over 179,000 with no hypercubes but 11 power gems. As far as the 5 seconds in between them, mine were all blasting with that game all about the same time. It was a miracle score for me and not sure I will ever reach that again!

  14. My high score is 178,000. I’m totally addicted. Nothing new to add strategy-wise, except to point out that you’re right, the game DOES have a rule that there will never be “no more moves.” It’s identical to my favorite version of Bejeweled 2 in this way (online web game, Action Mode).

  15. I just hit over 175K for the first time… With 190,700!!!

  16. Nice score, Colin. I got 191,900 yesterday for my high score. It was fun… I didn’t think too much of it while I was playing the game and then looked at the score at the end and was amazed. -Tony

  17. A friend of mine scored 244,000. My highest to date is 156,000

  18. Beware if you use your power gem you can blow out ie make it worse than before some times you can see at least 6 or 7 moves ahead but when a power gem is used all the prior moves jummble up leaving you with moves at the top which you will not getm oput of so do not use themuntil all moves are done first

  19. In the stats, what is the purpose of having the levels? I just moved to a Level 4 in the 25k column, and am still Level 1 in the other columns. Why does this matter? It doesn’t seem to change my experience of the game at all. Am I missing something? Thanks. ;D

  20. The levels look like a way to keep some stats. They continue from week to week even when your score is cleared. I haven’t noticed any other significance of them other than that. It doesn’t seem to affect game play. If anyone else knows about the point levels in Bejeweled Blitz, feel free to comment and let us know. -Tony

  21. My high score is like 48k but my friend has 197k it’s insane

  22. maggie Robinson says:

    I am new to this and a little frustrated . . . I’m glad to see your web site,Tony. Thanks! one question: how to you get a “multiplier” to explode?

  23. @maggie Robinson: Thanks for the question. To get multipliers to explode, you just either need to put them into a combo where they’ll explode or else get a power gem around them (within the blast radius) to explode. Exploding multipliers can take some work sometimes but doing that is much easier than getting them, I think.

  24. It’s really hard to play when the network is slow. The game pauses and time passes by where you don’t get to do anything. I don’t know if it’s PopCan’s servers, but that’s my guess. The game’s really popular and they probably really need to boost their capacity. Maybe that’s why they got Toyota as a sponsor this last week. Hopefully they’ll put that cash into increasing capacity… fingers crossed!

  25. Highest i get is around 130k. Haven’t seen the following tips so here goes: – you can swap gems by either single clicking adjoining gems (within a short time) or click and drag a gem into the desired location – set the flash player setting to low quality, now the edges are sharper and not anti-aliased. (right click etc. on the board etc.) – it’s better to look for combos and execute those instead of going flat chat, where you end up just connecting three gems all the time and little points to show for all that hard work.

  26. Highest i get is around 130k. Haven’t seen the following tips so here goes: – you can swap gems by either single clicking adjoining gems (within a short time) or click and drag a gem into the desired location – set the flash player setting to low quality, now the edges are sharper and not anti-aliased. (right click etc. on the board etc.) – it’s better to look for combos and execute those instead of going flat chat, where you end up just connecting three gems all the time and little points to show for all that hard work.

  27. Eric Eggers says:

    Don’t forget, when you clear 12 gems in one shot (and the 10s interval is up) is when you’re awarded a multiplier.

  28. i was hangin’ out on facebook one night and i saw everyone played BB…i checked it out and once i got the hang of it i was hoooked. LOL! i’ve been playing for about a week now and stayed in the 40K range…then 50K..then i got a few 75K..and i think the other night i scored 96,600 or so. your tips are GREAT and i can’t wait to try them out! thanks again!

  29. OMG!! I originally sucked horribly at this game. I was getting scores like 6k, or 8k… I was happy to beat the 25k and I was struggling, so I got frustrated because my friends were getting 100k, and thanks to your tips, I took the time, and a lot of game-playing, but I would take the time to look for the power-gems and hyper-cubes, one game I scored 12x power gems, but that wasn’t my highest scoring game. But thanks to your hints, tips, tricks, I scored 150,000 points!! Ahhh!!! you’re the best!

  30. ChaosmanOne says:

    To me anyway. When the game starts it feels like a scrambled rubick’s cube, all jumbled and only a few moves to start with. What’s nice is that if you “solve” the color array (ie. destroy the colors in a sequence from most on the board to least on the board), they start to drop in in sequence and cascade more. The really great thing is that, doing it this way, even if the incoming cascade destroys all of one color, it will drop in a whole bunch of a different color. So, just repeat that cycle over and over after the initial “solve” and you will eventually get it to the point where it is constantly cascading and creating power gems and cascading again with only a few very easy moves between cascades. That is the way I do it, besides the “side to side” method stated in #6. My highest score thus far is over 237,000, but I’ve only been playing for a few weeks. I hope to be able to break the 300k barrier quite soon. Thanks for the great tips sight, and I hope this added info. helps too!

  31. ChaosmanOne says:

    To me anyway. When the game starts it feels like a scrambled rubick’s cube, all jumbled and only a few moves to start with. What’s nice is that if you “solve” the color array (ie. destroy the colors in a sequence from most on the board to least on the board), they start to drop in in sequence and cascade more. The really great thing is that, doing it this way, even if the incoming cascade destroys all of one color, it will drop in a whole bunch of a different color. So, just repeat that cycle over and over after the initial “solve” and you will eventually get it to the point where it is constantly cascading and creating power gems and cascading again with only a few very easy moves between cascades. That is the way I do it, besides the “side to side” method stated in #6. My highest score thus far is over 237,000, but I’ve only been playing for a few weeks. I hope to be able to break the 300k barrier quite soon. Thanks for the great tips sight, and I hope this added info. helps too!

  32. Yay…i was just addictic to this game and i scored the best ever score yesterday night.. 196100~!! Woah… that was pretty lucky.. but i always have a question that when the game start.. which part should we move first ?? the upper gems or the lower gems to get better score? ^^ 8) tHXX

  33. I think your first move needs to be to try to make a power gem if you can – no matter where on the board it is. That’s your goal – get power gems and get cascades to get multipliers. Play near the bottom if you can. -Tony

  34. francesco says:

    i just started playing like 2 days ago after hearing some friends say or BB is the shit and stuff…..i like making high scores…but it just seems impposible to beat them.. so yesterday i passed the 225k mark and guess what my friends who were talking about it has reached 300k++…….im like nooooo this cant be possible……. 300k is literally immposible……..well need to work on my eyes… the last hour before sleeping i only was able to see 1 colour and couldnt make combos….. and i went for a smoke and came back and it was all so clear again…but only for 1 game…..then i saw the same 1 colour again….. SO tip of the day will be…. DONT SIT TOO LONG INFRONT OF BB or you wont be making high scores…. get a rest every half an hour or so….come back and youll see it looks much clearer….and just wait for that lucky break…and paw 200k!!;D

  35. Tony, If you put your cursor over each of the levels, it will explain everything. It will tell you how many medals you got over how many is needed for you to go to the next level. Like for the 25K they put the cap at 500, which means if you get 500 25K medals, you’re gold. Right now, mine says out of order because it went beyond 1000. They said it’s just too much. 🙂

  36. It’s actually possible to score 300k+, but it requires a lot of luck in the end with the last hurrah. 316,250 points today and it was the first time I actually played the new version!

  37. Yeah, it’s much easier to get points with the new one. Check out the new page here on this site about it: A friend of mine just top my 390k score with like 406k – so I have a new challenge! -Tony

  38. I’m new to Bejewled Blitz; but I love it. I find myself trying to beat my score from the previous week. So far my high score is 200+ – Lisa

  39. Joey Heatherton says:

    I comete with a couple of friends online at Bejeweled Blitz. We go a week and then start over. High score per week wins. I have recently discovered that a player can start over by hitting MENU and then ending the game. An option to PLAY then appears. So, with this in mind I can tell you that if you want a high score (over 100,000 for example), you’ll know to stop the game and start over if you haven’t gotten 2x scoring within about fifteen or twenty seconds. Thirty seconds tops. A quick 2x, then 3x, then 4x are a must for getting a high score. The explosions and zapping sounds are nice but you won’t go anywhere without multiple scoring.

  40. This is the ultimate medal that can be earned in Bejeweled Blitz! ********* earned this medal with a score of 295,050, which is one of the best scores in the world! I’m working toward that impossible 300K I think it is possible!

  41. I just started playing this game yesterday and got addicted to it. I tried to look for some hints and tips and chanced upon this awesome website. Anyway, since I’m a newbie, can somebody please explain to me what is a: multiplier; combo; cascades Thanks. P.S. I don’t understand how people can get high scores of like 800k?

  42. @Cheryl Yes, it’s very addicting. Join the club. 🙂 A multiplier is what you get when you clear 12 or more gems with 1 gem swap. It’s the gem with the number on it. Once you explode that gem, every gem swap you do from them on is worth that much more, so you want to get them as soon as you can. A combo is when you do a gem swap and make a few matches at once. A cascade is when you do a gem swap, make a match, the gems move and then more matches are automatically made for you. I’m sure you’ve seen this already. This is what helps to make multipliers. My highest score so far is like 420k. If people are getting scores like 800k, then they are doing one of two things. They are either playing a lot – since to even get a score like 400k, you need things to really keep working right for you from the start of the game. I even get scores like 30k once in a while. They may also be cheating. There is some browser add-on software you can use to cheat. I never use it since what’s the point of that? -Tony

  43. One of my friends on facebook has a score of 1,213,600 and I am amazed. That is why I’m here looking to better my score as so far my high is 123,500 and I cannot figure how he scored so high. I’m tempted to ask him but I think it’s all about practice and skill.

  44. Wow, 1.2 million? Ask him. I’d like to know how THAT is done. 🙂 Does he get that every week? I was thinking a score like 600k or even 700k was possible if everything went right from the first move. For that to happen, you’d have to play a lot of games. A LOT of games. So I’m not saying he’s cheating but that software is out there and it’s easy to install. -Tony

  45. I was just looking for tips on this game–I just started playing it and now I am addicted! So far I’ve only been able to get up to about 1,500 points. With these tips I don’t think I’ll have a problem of getting higher. Have you tried Decades? I’m really addicted to that game too!:)

  46. If you combine 2 hypercubes it gets ride of all the gems very exciting when you have 4x or higher my high score is 310,726

  47. i play this game all the time. my highest score is 494,000. i tend to get close to 400k on a regular basis. like i said, i play ALL THE TIME!! ;o)

  48. @girl, good score! Yeah, you must be playing Bejeweled Blitz a lot. It’s pretty addicting and really hard to quit sometimes since each game is only a minute long. Good luck on cracking the 500k mark! -Tony

  49. Just saw a score over 600,0000

  50. I went to 154k a few days ago and now can’t get over 100k

  51. My highest score is 478500 and I’ve had several other 400000 games and a lot of 300000+ games, I’m addicted 🙂

  52. someone has 2,172,050 on my friends list! 😮

  53. I’d say that a score of 2 million is cheating… for sure. 🙂

  54. I’ve been playing since June, have Gold thru the 150K’s with an all-time high score of 520K. One of my friends who has never cracked 220K before this week just got 3.8 Million. Does anyone know how this is possible?

  55. i was just wandering if there is anyone else that has ever combined two hyper cubes together. i was well amazed when every single gem disappeared, giving me so many points. unfortunately the rest of the game didn’t go so well :(.

  56. sandi alejandre says:

    if you browse the net about bejeweled blitz, you’ll find a book for sale, about $10.00. i didn’t get it, but it’s by someone who claims to know how to get to one million and more. i don’t personally care to know that much, i just enjoy trying to beat my own score. the highest i got to was 250,000

  57. Found a way i can play this at work! [url][/url] People at work have blocked facebook, however… not this!

  58. My highest score on bejeweled blitz is 515,000. It was lots of luck of just hitting the right combinations and getting a multiplier of 8.

  59. @Steve, I think any score over 700k is going to be cheating. There are some ways to cheat. Just search for “Bejeweled Blitz cheat”. @Willis, thanks for the link. @Anna, Good job on the multiplier of 8. That’s amazing.

  60. I own [url][/url] and I’m moving it to new servers atm but I have a working, No-Adds, No junk version of [b]Bejeweled 2[/b] The direct Link is [url][/url] Have fun!

  61. Crazy Mama says:

    I must agree that your tips blog is spot on. My highest score is around 285,000 and am going to keep trying for the elusive 300,000! That’s going to take a while as I only get to play one or two games when I have time. Good luck to everyone!;D

  62. 217,800 on my first day with this Xmas present…not knowing ANY moves other then groups of three…its on an I touch so maybe thats easier…comments?

  63. missy mark says:

    My current score is 225,300 got a x7 multiplier! If my son hadn’t moved my arm, I could have scored higher (and if i had a few seconds more) I was on fire! Sooooooooo addicted, but lovin it!;D

  64. just1moreGO says:

    Hi all. Here is some of my suggestions for finishing top on the leader board and beating all your friends. My average score is 200k & highest ever score being 374,000. But that dosnt mean i dont struggle to hit 30k on sum games. I start by zooming in on my browser several times(ctrl & +) or using the “view” tab. I play at almost full screen and back away from my monitor. Use your peripheral vision rather than your center of vision (ask google lol)* When you hit a score to be proud of, post it to your FB profile. I find that POP CAP reward you for the free advert in following games just by dropping more jewels in your favour. * My strategy simply is start by working from the bottom, aiming to build up my point multipliers up to at least x4. But x6 is needed to sore over the 300k mark. (If you destroy 10 blocks in a cascade a point multiplier will drop. The first time this occurs a x2 multiplier will drop then increase by 1 there after). After earning as many multi’s as poss in roughly 45sec use the remaining time to go for “Hyperspeed”. The combination of this with x5-x6 multi’s will produce very high scores! I hope these tips helps. But the main one is play-play-play and hope for some VERY GOOD LUCK! Both are needed to score big.

  65. If you see an abnormally high score from someone, it is a definite glitch. I’ve benefited fro msuch a glitch before. Essentially the program begins to pour down matching cubes, even after time has stopped.

  66. Hi Just a quick question…have anyone else’s medals disapeared? mine all vanished last week, my scores stayed (the last 4 week thing) but my medals all reset to nothing, I was at gold to 175000 and high level 5 on the others, I tried emailing the blitz crew but no answer yet.

  67. my highest is 506000,and i wouldnt know how to cheat, thats just cause i love it and play almost everyday:)

  68. COLIN CRAMM says:


  69. Grant Delmore says:

    you stated in the thing that you can only unlock multipliers once every 10 seconds… Thats wrong. Ive gotten x8 in a 60 second game so please explain. Also your high score needs a bit of work. I constantly smash the 250k mark and my highest score is 638,550 points with my 2nd highest being 526,900. Those scores however were due to perfect multipliers and cascades of awesome. My average High score that i attrivbute to skill alone is in the 450k range. Popcap really need to add in higher medals.

  70. @Grant: Thanks for your comments but maybe you’re talking about the newer version of Bejeweled Blitz and maybe you’re posting your comment on the article about the older version of the game where the rules were different and scores were lower than the newer version of the game. Just maybe. Hmmm.

  71. My Highest score in bejeweled blitz on facebook was 360,600.

  72. Just achieved gold levels for all medals. Nothing happens though 🙁

  73. just achieved gold level for all medals, nothing happened though 🙁

  74. my high score to date is 298500 its saids its one of the best in the world

  75. my Bejeweled Blitz high score is 316350. One of my friends on my list is constantly getting 600,000+ i seen her high score with 3,000,000+ for one of the weeks, since they reset high once a week

  76. has anyone else experienced the hyper speed on Bejewled BLITZ????? I only did it once…..this is what happened.. The audio said something like Hyperspeed….then the back ground went kind of orange and was pulsating….this made it extremely hard to differentiate the colors, not the shapes though…. anyone???please respond if you have

  77. Do you mean “Blazing Speed”? See the other post on this site about the newer version of Bejeweled Blitz: [url][/url]. It’s explained there – it’s the speed bonus and it’s great. 🙂 -Tony

  78. Pam Feldmann now has a score over 500,000, has o be a cheat sheet somewhere that she has found.

  79. If you go fast enough for long enough the man will say “AMAZING SPEED!” and every 3 jewel combo or higher will go off like bomb jewels

  80. Last week I hit 560k and now 730k 🙂 I used scramble and time boosts.

  81. Only 1 of my 12 friends’ scores actually show up. How do I remove friends. I know how to add, but I did not see a remove function. I am going to try and add them after I remove them to see if this fixes the problem.

  82. hi, maybe you or someone else here has seen this before…the following is a copy and past of what i have sent popcap through facebook NUMEROUS times: I can not express how disheartening this is when you are competing with friends and see that they are getting there GOLD awards and I am not. I should have almost all of the levels from for the GOLD status for anything higher than the 75k (I have the 25, 50, and 75), they all shoot up to the top like it is going to turn GOLD and then it shoots back down to where I only have 25/50 – whatever that means. This is just so unfair and a terrible glitch. Please, is there anything that can be done about this?? I have emailed about this repeatedly and wish that you can help.

  83. I just scored 703,350. This is not a joke. I play a lot, but holy crap!

  84. twice when i got a high score and i came in the next day to play all my points were gone ,what happened?

  85. Couple of things not mentioned – when you play really quickly the whole screen turns red, this seems to give me lots of points (I’m have a couple of scores over 300k). There’s also corner gems – five gems of the same colour forming a corner shape gives an awesome explosion. :-*

  86. Wow! My highest score is 173,050. My friend’s is 777,850! Is he cheating?!?! =/ He’s also got Golds on practically all of the Ks…….

  87. Ihave been playing Bejeweled for a year and could play for hours. My high school is 957,000 and no it isn’t cheating. I don’t know how you could cheat. The secret is to play fast and buy some of the gems they offer. When I got this score I bought a Gem call CAT Eye or something like that. At the end of a really good game it came on a shot almost every gem off the screen and my score ended up 957,000. Got to take some chances and of course play for more than a hour a day. Great game! Love it but not sure what my goal is now I can probably never beat this one.

  88. Thought I would boast, got my highest score ever today, in my first game in about 2 months. Literally my FIRST game. The score was 504,800 and I think the long break obviously helped.

  89. Highest score for me is 617,000…I used scramble and multiplier boosts. The other boosts don’t seem to do any good for me. I have no idea how anyone could get over 1 million.

  90. Juan Gomez says:

    My friend got 640,000 points how is that even possible? ahahah

  91. I think there should be steroid testing for B Blitz. My friend regularly scores 500,000+ while my highest score is 209,000. She’s not sharing any secrets, though. I dream of beating her at this game!

  92. Alexandra says:

    Some of my friends have around 520.000, how is that possible? Once I got around 400.000 and that is my highest score, but I think that was mostly luck.

  93. my friend(whos like 11) has gotten 740k ive only gotten 355k or so and i ask him all the time how he does it and he just sais it comes to me sometimes… anyways he has gold through 250ks so no wonder right?!

  94. My bejeweled score of 350,380 has remained the same for weeks now. I am
    playing every day. Why is my score not changing?

  95. My highest score is 897,375 I’ve been playing about 3 months. I find it a lot easier with the sound off it seems to take the time limit pressure out of the game. Also I allways try to stay at the bottom half of the board this creates more cascading gems and special gems. Plus ignore you score don’t look till the end

    • Good tip – having the sound off. I have the music down but sound effects up because there are some noises you want to hear – like the game ending.

      Playing at the bottom of the grid is the best option. You get maximum benefits for sure.

      And it is a nice thing to end the game and then finally see how you scored… unless the score is terrible, of course. 🙂

  96. Thanks Dude for the tips and tricks. Couldn’t get passed level 5 at first and just after reading the tricks I got 1,721,000! Think I get it now 🙂 But now I didn’t sleep.. 🙁

  97. Want to find Bejeweled Blitz

  98. Ronald Warrick says:

    For beginners, I recommend focusing on the bottom of the screen. Make any old three or four gem matches you can. Don’t even look up unless there is no three gem match at the bottom. If you happen to see a four or five gem match higher up, its ok to take it, but return right to the bottom and only go up if you have to. Usually, or at least often, the game will come to you down there. Eventually your field of vision will expand and you can do more higher up, but this technique should get you in the 50 – 100K range fairly quickly without trying to scan the whole board.

  99. From: chris
    Subject: score

    Good morning, I scored 1,167,000 this morning and it failed to show up on my scoreboard. I was wondering if you could tell me why. It would have put me at the top of the board…lol. Thank you for your help.. Chris

    [Admin:] Try reloading the page/game and see if that helps. That’s about all we can suggest. Contact PopCan, the publisher of Bejeweled Blitz if you need more help. Thanks for stopping by.

  100. I would like to know what an illigal move is in Bejeweled Blitz?


    • I don’t know what an illegal move is. I would say that all moves are legal. If anyone else knows, please post an answer.

  101. Why do my scores disappear

  102. Nancy Schneeloch says:

    I can’t get my daily dpins for days now. A message pops up telling me ” A network error has occurred, Please check your internet connection.” My internet connection is wofking fine on my phone, just not for bejeweled blitz. Thus stinks 🤔🙁

  103. I reached an amazingly high score of 1,418,800 using the Snow Glove on Bejeweled Blitz and immediately after the game the glove froze and the bonus gloves never came up. Also, my ridiculously high score never registered. So pissed.

  104. Lynn shelley says:

    When I try to share gift the box with my friends in gets thinner and thinner until I just had two lines down the screen is this a problem with my settings for the game as everything else seems to be okay

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