Bejeweled Blitz Phoenix Prism

Using the Phoenix Prism in Bejeweled Blitz

Here are some tips about using the Phoenix Prism in Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. It’s my favorite bonus/power up (or Rare Gem, it’s officially called) when playing it on Facebook.

The Phoenix Prism is basically a wildcard gem. It cycles through all the gems as it sits there. This helps because you can start to see that if you line it up with other gems in the area, you can match 3 like gems or maybe more. Here is how PopCap defines it:

The Phoenix Prism captures the light reflected from all the gems on the board, giving it a beautiful rainbow shine. Due to this unique interplay of light and color, the prisms are Wild Card gems, able to be swapped to any nearby pair of gems to create an intense chain reaction, each prism causing a diagonal line of gems to explode.

The Phoenix Prism comes in batches of six gems, but only one gem can shine at any given time! Once you match your first prism, you will see the next light up within moments. Match it quickly to bring out the third! If you don’t use all six within the minute available, don’t worry; you’ll see any remaining prisms working to jazz up your Last Hurrah.

Once all your prisms have burst, and your eyes have feasted on the dazzle of colors, the phoenix himself will appear! (Okay, it could be a girl phoenix; it’s impolite to ask and downright rude to check!) As he takes his final bow and is reborn, a shower of his own feathers falls around him. Whichever feather he catches in his beak will determine the coin bonus you receive on top of the coins already earned in the game. These will automatically be added to your Coin balance.

How to Use the Phoenix Prism

Sometimes, when I play, I like to just play normal and sort of ignore it and just let it work as clear out other gems around it. You can usually get 8 or so uses of the Phoenix Prism if you do this. It seems like you waste time when you sit there and try to figure out how to match it up and you could be using that time for making gem matches that you know you can make. Maybe that’s just me though.

Otherwise, you can really try to use it you want because it does clear out a lot of gems.

Here’s a great tip… if you happen to get a Hypercube next to the Phoenix Prism cube, then definitely connect them. Doing this clears out the whole board (mega points!). I’ve done this a number of times and was fortunate enough today to get a screenshot of it:

Connecting two hypercubes does the same thing, too (as mentioned in an earlier article).


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