Bejeweled Blitz (PC) – Music 3

Bejeweled Blitz (PC) – Music 3.
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  1. molinseai elcius says:

    I think like eveybody knows how to do that

  2. lemoncherrii says:

    This is an absolute tune, got it on my ipod

  3. holyfruitcake says:

    Or so that everyone can have a good time, go google youtubedownloader and download it so you can download you music from youtube without having to bug uploaders to give you links.

  4. This beat is CRAY lmfao

  5. well i coldn’t do ti 😛 lol! I have an idea… you can get fraps and record the music from the game or download “youtube downloader”

  6. Zombifier25 says:

    This is the best soundtrack in Bejeweled Blitz! Addicted to it.

  7. u can get a youtube to mp3 converter from DVD Video Softwhere

  8. The Classic Bejeweled Theme! 😀 ^^ epic game btw Bejeweled Blitz the PC version reminds me a bit of Lemmings for the PSP graphics wise and its artwork lol

  9. Does ANYBODY have this PROPERLY looped!? This is epic, man!

  10. leijenhorst says:

    @Ldinos No, you have to go to Rapidshare or another upload site,
    and upload there the MP3, you get a link, do it in the description. 🙂

  11. It’s MP3 file. youtube can’t upload mp3 files because they are songs. not videos.

  12. leijenhorst says:


  13. Because it isn’t a video….

  14. leijenhorst says:

    Why not?

  15. can’t upload MP3 :(

  16. leijenhorst says:

    Click on your name (top right).
    A menu opens, click on My videos.
    By each video stands: Edit, click there, and you can change the video.
    So, go to a uploadsite, upload the MP3, and place the link you get in the description.

  17. How?

  18. leijenhorst says:

    Why not? You can add it in the description as a download.

  19. I have it but I can’t send it….

  20. leijenhorst says:

    Did you have a .mp3 of it?

  21. Yes classic…!

  22. Classic!

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