Bejeweled Blitz – Kanga Ruby 2 and 3

Bejeweled’s newest Gem has been given an upgrade. Kanga Ruby 2 and 3. Not much is different. The only thing that changes is the Last Hurrah of Level 2 and 3,…
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  1. Bieraj Tegoczita says:

    Bejeweled Blitz Hack v3.0

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  2. SHANIC1295 says:

    Wow it’s nice =3 good job xD

  3. DoubleSAnimations says:

    you should have paid more attention to one of my other Bejeweled videos. I showed off a Firefox cheat to get you more coins.

  4. supershadow405 says:

    how how do you got so much money

  5. annabethstar123 says:


  6. darkicequeen1 says:


  7. DoubleSAnimations says:

    XD Yup and get those Blazing Speeds too. They really help with bonuses

  8. DoubleSAnimations says:

    XD i know right?

  9. darkicequeen1 says:

    Hahahaha!! It’s a Mother Fucking Dinosaur!!

  10. nintendosegafan4935 says:

    That is a best record on bejeweled with the kango ruby to help you the end for extra points. Keep it going and keep your eyes sharp for matches to beat the clock

  11. finaljosh1 says:

    Hey vic if you used facebook or not I got a facebook profile just message me if you want to know what it is and I played Bejeweled before and I am good at it and on 3 of the series I am on classic saving it at level 30 with points at 1.5m right now

  12. AustinFortress2 says:

    you did great in this game 😀

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